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#1: Be sustainable, be yourself!

#1: Be sustainable, be yourself!

As a first thought in our journal, we wanted to start with a general but crucial advice: "be yourself!".  If you want to contribute to the sustainability of the planet, there is no best way than finding your own way step by step into doing so.  Changing drastically your habits from one day to another could prove to be too difficult and might even get you frustrated.  There is no "one size fits all" and we can all contribute in our own way.

Now of course, there are some simple actions everybody should take such as throw cans or milk cartons in the proper recycling bin. But if for whatever reason, personal or professional, you cannot use public transport or bicycle every day instead of your car, you should not feel guilty about it and you can find other ways to contribute to being sustainable.  We will touch upon how can you contribute as we go along and post more tips and advice in the future.

On top of being yourself, one other key element is to respect others and their beliefs.  If someone you know decides to become vegan to protect the planet and you do not believe that would be a solution, you should respect that decision and at best share your arguments in a positive way.  On the other hand, you should also avoid "greenbashing", which is the tendency to bring guilt and force people to take some actions to be more sustainable. "Greenbashing" usually has the opposite effect with people getting annoyed of being told what to do or not.

Now that you read this post, take two minutes to list the actions you're already taking and look at it as a good foundation of your own contribution to be more sustainable.  Then think about what else can you progressively do or change in your habits.  Most importantly, always keep a "green" reminder in the back of your head so that behaving in a sustainable way becomes a natural part of your every day life.

We only have one home which we all share, our planet, so let's all work together to keep it nice and clean!


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